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Lovers Talk is an artistic project between Artist Sara Marlowe Hall & Musician Matthew Zuk. Sara Marlowe Hall is an abstract painter from London, England. Matthew Zuk is a composer and musician from Los Angeles, California. The two have been living together in Los Angeles for over 9 years. The conversation of creativity has been the bed of a deep understanding between the couple during their relationship, from the beginning they have looked towards each other for inspiration and have developed a love language back and forth of sound and image. It was only natural that the two found it was time to create a body of work that is representative of the two.


During the year of 2022 Sara & Zuk began making 'Lovers Talk', the two would paint and record in Sara’s Studio in Lincoln Heights. It started while Zuk was on tour and Sara spent 2 months painting a collection of 9 paintings for Zuk to then respond to. Once she was done Zuk then set up his instruments and gear and would begin to respond. He would hang a painting on the wall opposite to him and compose what came naturally in that moment. The movement of the paintings dictated by the colors, shapes and textures created the tone for the songs and the  mood that Zuk would respond to. This then created the narrative and  determiner of how the musical piece sounds and feels. 


The feeling is the same amongst the two expressions both painter and musician, albeit in different mediums. There are no figures in the art and no words in the music. The work across both mediums is abstract. The focus of each body of work is texture and emotion. The work is purely visceral and does not attempt to say anything, but rather put the audience in a state of calm. For both Artists and the audience the challenge is to react and feel completely emotionally connected without having to intellectualize. Using each other's work as an interpretative starting point, it ends up leading each side of the project to create a style and body of work that is determinedly different than one either one would have made without the other. The creative process for many is a solitary endeavor, this process forces adaptation and compromise like in a real life relationship. With each other in mind, the work comes from each other's deep understanding of one another which birthed Loves Talk: Volume 1.


by Rocio Mesa

Shot in Super 8mm - Kodak Color Negative 50D

Digitally scanned and edited

Music by Zuk Zuk

Paintings by Sara Marlowe Hall

Lovers Talk
Directed by Jay Zaretsky

Cinematography by Bret Gum

Edited by Ryan Baxley

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